Case Study

CPX6 Lantern



Create the first 1000 lumem battery powered lantern with a futuristic look that takes the Coleman battery lighting brand language in a new direction.


The first and only 1000 lumen battery powered lantern on the market.  Introduced a unique triangle lantern shape that has inspired many copycats in the industry.  Created a distinct & space-aged look that has made its way to other products in the Coleman line.

Upper shell withstands and absorbs both linear and oblique impacts

How It Works

Patented Intematix® technology produces a warm, even light that is comparable to fueled lanterns. 

Intematix Phosphor is a substance that displays the property of luminescence. In the case of LED lighting the type of luminescence is specifically fluorescence, the emission of light caused by the absorption of blue light energy emanating from the LED chip. When a phosphor absorbs a photon of blue light it emits a photon of longer wavelength, extending the spectrum toward the red. Different phosphors have different emission characteristics and thus when combined with the blue light and each other, a high quality light spectrum is produced.


A true milestone in battery lanterns and proof that Coleman® is the king of lighting. 

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