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Market and Trend Research - Becoming the Expert.
In order to win a race; you have to know where the starting line is.  During the research stage of a project I become an expert; an expert in your specific marketplace.  Experts understand the current market landscape of competitor’s products and the target user’s needs, wants and desires.  That information is then analyze and defined to reveal the white space of opportunity.  This research helps uncover innovative solutions that are both unique and compelling.
Ideation- Where the pencil meets the paper
Driven by an understanding of the marketplace and user desires; concepts are developed and created.  I call these concepts thumbnails because they are quick and small. These drawings are loose and details are left to be worked out later.  In this stage of the process; it’s merely to get a lot of ideas on paper so we can prioritize and focus on the best concepts to move forward with. 
Refinement- Time to tighten things up 
Refinement is an important stage where the concepts become defined and refined. Concepts are tested and viable solutions arrive.  Sketches are tightened up and details are added.  Material and color are selected and applied and ready for final approval.  
Three Dimensional Modeling– 3d Computer aided Design Final concept forms are developed in 3d dimensional space utilizing SolidWorks to fully control designs and deliver the data necessary for engineering and manufacturing. 
Engineering- Using the principles of motion, energy, and force we analyze the design ensuring that it function safely, efficiently, and reliably, all at a competitive cost.
Visualization – Renderings 
Materials are applied and high level concepts are visualized in photo-realistic form. Visualization can help your team reduce time-to-market by:  Helping internal and external stakeholder make more educated business decisions, decreasing the number of physical prototypes and Providing marketing with high quality promotional images much earlier in the process
Specs- Manufacturing specification drawing packages, part data, material call outs and assembly instructions for manufacturing and quoting.  
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